Goods Vehicle Operator Licensing Apprenticeships and Training.

Gain your Goods Vehicle Operator Licence.


A goods vehicle operator licences will allow you to carriage your own shipping goods in the United Kingdom and Europe. You will be able to operate by charging for the transportation of goods in the United Kingdom.


This operator licence will allow organisations to engage in specialised and general goods haulage activities. Providing transportation services in the United Kingdom. The goods vehicle operator licensing does not allow or permit hire and reward in the European union.

Vehicle Goods Operator Apprenticeships Fully Funded.


Level 2 Goods Vehicle Operator Licence is a qualification to help you gain your license in vehicle goods and the training required to be successful.  This course will cover rigid vehicles, vans, articulated lorries and draw bar vehicles. The course will require the drivers to demonstrate they have what it takes to be a good vehicle operator. This involves not only driving the vehicle but also having to demonstrate preparation of a vehicle, loading and unloading. At the end of the course the driver will be awarded with a goods vehicle test certificate and qualification.


FREE Fully Funded HGV Apprenticeship – Get FREE HGV Training.


The fully funded apprenticeship in driving goods vehicles now comes with a before and after assessment. This will require the use of telematics to monitor fuel efficiency and to identify poor driving. With this training fuel efficiency can be improved saving up to £5000 per year, per driver.


HGV Employer Benefits

  • Employers reported that 86% of drivers are more comfortable with their roles and responsibility as a vehicle goods driver.
  • Employers also recorded a 80% reduction in overall fuel usage.
  • 81% of employers have found that their insurance premiums have dropped from the advanced training.


Outcome of HGV Vehicle Goods Training

Drivers will have a much better level of competence. Better driving skills, driving checks and all the necessary licences. Drivers will know how to correctly operate the tachograph, how to unload and load their vehicle correctly, how to operate a laden vehicle. They will be able to drive at a much higher level of safety and at the same time maintain good fuel efficiency.


HGV Vehicle Goods Operator Training Funding

The program can be fully or partly funded by the government making the course FREE this is subject to eligibility. Employers should help learners by giving them the time needed to study.


Goods Vehicle Operator and HGV training provided in the following cities :


England, Liverpool, Manchester, London, Leeds, Doncaster, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Wirral, Nottingham, Derby, Middlesbrough, Leicester, Norwich, Plymouth, Bristol, Coventry, Bath, Blackpool, Barnsley, Bradford, Berkshire, Basingstoke