NVQ Level 2 Construction Highway Maintenance


Fully Funded Construction Level 2 Qualification – Subject to Eligibility


NVQs – or National Vocational Qualifications are vocational training spots aimed at preparing students for the specific working environment and meeting occupational standards. No amount of reading books will prepare you for a day as a nurse or sign making!

NVQ are a nationally recognised qualification and for the most part, NVQs will require students to already be employed, whether that be full time, part time or even voluntary. The relevant course will be structured around a specific role, thus better understanding the needs of employers. However, there are no entry requirements.

You can join a construction NVQ course at Ensis Solutions and these can be completed as full or part-time courses, so even if you’re working you can still study part-time. If you are already working in a construction role you can also take your NVQ Level 2 Construction Highway Maintenance while you work through an on site assessment.

By being a Highways Maintenance engineer you will be required to reinstate, install, excavate and help with refurbishing construction materials to a really high standard. Making sure that you follow the health and safety procedures for the public. Learning the program will give you the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification.

How Long Do The Courses Take?


Most of the initial construction NVQ courses are two years long, but this can vary depending on the level that you are studying and the course subject. In addition, if you complete a course on a part-time basis, the course may be extended by an additional year in order to ensure that the entire syllabus has been covered.

The course will take 12 to 14 months to complete. You will have to see your assessor at least once every month for 12 to 14 months. Every month you will demonstrate progression against your selected units from your apprenticeship.

How Much Do Construction NVQs Cost?


Some construction NVQs are free for school leavers who are age 16, however this does not cover all courses. Some of the courses require tuition fees for each year of study, and this can reach up to £900 per year. Of course, depending on the type of course this may differ as courses that require a lot of materials for learning will be more expensive to meet these costs.

What Will I Study?


Every course is different, and there are a wide variety of specialisations within the construction industry, so depending on your specific profession, the NVQ Level 2 Construction will contain different study material. However as an example, a NVQ Level 2 Construction Highway Maintenance may contain the following modules:

  • General workplace safety
    – Efficient work practices
    – Move and handle resources
    – Erect masonry structures (bricklaying)
    – Set out masonry structures

You may then also be offered additional units that are optional, such as:

  • Erect masonry structures
    – Lay domestic drainage
    – Health and safety multi choice test
    – External knowledge examinations


This NVQ qualification is work based appropriate for employees in construction and building sectors across the country. It is made so that learners are assessed on site where they will be required by assessors to demonstrate knowledge and skills to a level that is required by the construction industry.

Working as a construction operative you will be required to lay paving, channels and kerbs. Installing of drainage, reinstate concrete and structural concrete, flexible paving and modular structures.

Suitable Job Roles for this Apprenticeship :

  • Highway Operative

  • Civil Engineering Operative

  • General Construction Operative

  • Concreter


All construction NVQ courses will require you to pass a health & safety test unit in order to fully pass your course and obtain the construction NVQ qualification certificate. The courses will usually contain various units of written work and technical study, along with practical assessments whereby you will complete tasks to show a working knowledge.

The benefits of having completed NVQ courses are vast. Employers are happy that potential employees have actual hands on experience and are able to hit the ground running, as opposed to those with GCSE and A-Level qualifications who may be lacking essential skills that may take months to perfect. There is also the student’s perspective of the working environment in that after having completed the course, they know exactly what to expect. For example, NVQ Level 2 Construction graduates applying for a care assistant’s role are more likely to remain in their job rather than being overwhelmed with the day to day tasks a written exam may not have prepared them for.

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