NVQ Level 3 Management Apprenticeship

A Government Funded Level 3 Management Qualification.


As a manager, you are required to lead, manage, and motivate your team to ensure their full potential is achieved. As part of your development this fully funded management programme of learning.


Duration: Level 3 Professional Studies Management will take up to 12 to 14 months to complete. Seeing your assessor every month is a must and a requirement. Once every month you will be required to show your understanding, and skills that you have learnt from selected units. You must be able to demonstrate this to your assessor.


Location: The training of the course will take place at an organisation that you will work at. You maybe required to come and visit us for training but this is subject to the organisations requirements.


Apprenticeship Summary


Managers play an integral role in supporting organisational objectives through a wide range of functions, such as: planning, allocating & monitoring the work of a team, supporting team members, managing conflict, resolving problems, project management, agreeing budgets and managing customer service


On your advanced apprenticeship in Management, you’ll learn the skills of management and to run a business.


Job Roles suitable for this apprenticeship include:


  • Business Owner
  • Senior /First Line Manager
  • Managers (New and Existing)
  • Assistant Managers
  • Supervisors and team leaders
  • Shift Manager
  • Divisional Manager


The Apprenticeship is made up of 4 core units:


  • Level 3 BTEC Certificate in Management
  • Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Management
  • Functional Skills Maths Level 2
  • Functional Skills English Level 2
  • Functional Skills ICT Level 2


The Level 3 Diploma in Management includes both knowledge and competence units. Learners must complete a minimum of 55 credits. 31 credits from mandatory units, a minimum of 17 credits from Group B optional units and a maximum of 7 credits from Group C optional units.


The requirement for at least 10 credits on the QCF for the knowledge element and 10 credits for the competence element will be completed through the mandatory units. By completing the mandatory units the apprentice will achieve 7 credits for competence and 24 credits for knowledge. A further minimum of 3 credits from competence will be achieved by completing the required number of units from Group B.


Mandatory Group Competence units

Manage personal and professional development (3 credits)
Manage team performance (4 credits) Knowledge units
Principles of leadership and management (8 credits)
Principles of people management (6 credits)
Principles of Business (10 credits)


Group B – optional competence group

Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace (3 credits)
Manage individuals’ performance (4 credits)
Manage individuals’ development in the workplace (3 credits)
Chair and lead meetings (3 credits)  Encourage innovation (4 credits)
Manage conflict within a team (5 credits)
Procure products and/or services (5 credits)
Implement change (5 credits)
Implement and maintain business continuity plans and processes (4 credits)
Collaborate with other departments (3 credits)
Support remote or virtual teams (4 credits)
Participate in a project (3 credits)
Develop and maintain professional networks (3 credits)
Develop and implement an operational plan (5 credits)
Encourage learning and development (3 credits)
Encourage learning and development (3 credits)
Discipline and grievance management (3 credits)
Develop working relationships with stakeholders (4 credits)
Manage physical resources (4 credits)
Manage the impact of work activities on the environment (4 credits)
Prepare for and support quality audits (3 credits)
Conduct quality audits (3 credits)
Manage a budget (4 credits)
Manage a project (7 credits)
Manage business risk (6 credits)
Manage knowledge in an organisation (5 credits)
Recruitment, selection and induction practice (6 credits)
Manage redundancy and redeployment (6 credits)