Van Driving Training – Drive a Van for a Living.


Looking to drive a van for a living?. Van driving training can provide you with a career in van driving. Van delivery drivers provide an outstanding service throughout the United Kingdom every day. Drivers deliver packages and goods to customers in cities, towns, villages and just about any where in the country. You can earn an excellent living wage and enjoy being out on road doing your daily runs as a fully trained van driver.


Daily routines of a trained van driver.

  • Collecting parcels and goods.
  • Loading vehicles safely and correctly.
  • Planning daily routes to ensure best possible journey.
  • Unloading parcels and goods at customers places.
  • Keeping records of fuel usage, mileages and deliveries.
  • Returning undelivered goods and parcels back to the main hub at the end of the day.


Van drivers can be expected to earn anything from £17.000 up to £20,000 per year. Employers may pay performance bonuses but bonuses may not come every time.


Van Driving Licence Requirements


If you are thinking about taking out a van driving training course you may need to acquire the right driving licence. Their are different classes of licence depending on the weight of the vehicle you will be required to drive. Vans weighting less than 3,500 kg can be driven on a Category B licence. Vans that weight more than 3,500 kg will require for you to obtain a Category C1 licence.


Ensis Solutions can help with Training Van Drivers.


Sometimes its safe to just assume that van driving does not require any training. There may even be some van drivers who do very well without any addition or previous training. Van driving as a whole requires skill that can be best attained from outstanding training. At the end of the training they will know everything their is about van driving as well as the ability to save the companies money on fuel.


All van driving training will under go training in the following sectors :


  • Case Studies – If you wish to be CPC certified, van drivers have to pass case studies exam’s for the vehicle in which they wish to drive. The exams will give the driver a series of case studies in which they will more than likely encounter in the workplace. Case studies will contain multi choice questions.
  • Theory – Commercial van drivers will need to pass theory tests this is not required for non commercial van drivers. You will be able to learn the things needed to pass your theory test such as cargo, parcel handling, driving hours and fuel usage.
  • Practical Skills – There are skills to be learnt for practical van driving. Each driver will need to know the following. How to check van fuel levels and type pressure. These skills will be required on the job and not only that you will need to demonstrate these following skills to gain your category C1 Van licence.
  • Driving Skills – Our training that is provided will cover the practise and improvement of driving skills. This part of the training is to prepare your future for a long career and safe career in van driving. You will learn all the skills required to perform controlled stops, acceleration, turning and reversing.


Once you have completed your Van Training

We provide and offer some of the best driving training courses in the UK from some of the biggest companies. We work hard to help others by going above and beyond to help people become successful drivers. Not only do we provide training but we will also insist on helping our students with finding a driving job and continue with ongoing driver CPC training.

If you are considering a career in van driving, you can trust us Ensis Solutions when we recommend it as a good choice for a career. There is a very big shortage of haulage drivers in the United Kingdom and it continues to grow to this date. Now is the best time to do your van driving training gain your licence and CPC certification. Then you will be ready to start a very rewarding career as a driver.