Worked Based Learning Provider London


In London there are currently business growing fast and recruiting a lot of new staff all year round. But when it comes to recruiting new staff there can be a shortage of skills which can become a problem for the employers across the entire nation. With work based learning providers London, Ensis Solutions Ltd can help both employers and employees with the right staff training and also help with apprentices and new trainees to provide the skills needed.


Skilled Staff needed for London


Surveys online have shown that in London there is a concern amongst most organisations that have staff which lack skills and training. In a report in September they found more than 1/4 of the companies said that they need to start promoting apprenticeships and help improve skill levels of staff.


A survey a year before this one found that companies were unable to employee people to fill up to 22% of job vacancies in London. This was because of the difficulty in finding young people with the right set of skills for the job. Some of the companies at least 40% of them stated that there current staff lacked or did not have all the skills necessary for there job role.


How Ensis Solutions can Provide Training


If you are a company based in London or the Nation struggling to find the right staff with the right set of skills. Ensis Solutions can provide work based learning solutions . We work with new and existing staff, to help build knowledge and skills which are required for the job role.


Our training for employment is tailored to meet your requirements. We will take with you so that we fully understand the training required. Ensis Solutions will work with the employees to improve there working abilities and skills. This can lead to a qualification NVQ Level 2 or 3.


Apprenticeship Learning London


Apprenticeships can be very beneficial for employers because they allow you to recruit new employees with new skills and talent, with training and support provided by Ensis Solutions. Ensis Soltuins can help find the right candidates for the job by advertising apprenticeship positions that you wish to advertise as vacancies.


Our team of friendly staff will take on the hard work of finding the right apprentices for your business. We provide apprenticeships for business administration, health and social care, team leading, warehousing, customer services and construction.